Holistic Living

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About Me

Caroline Yazi
Holistic Life Coach

As a holistic life coach I offer inspiration and support for a holistic lifestyle to motivated individuals and groups.

I practice yoga, mindfulness, energy healing, expressive art, storytelling, permaculture and plant based cooking.

To live in harmony with nature and spiritual wisdom is important for me because it enables holistic health through a much deeper and interconnected understanding of life.

Check out myΒ offer and if you have questions or want collaborate with me in other ways don’t hesitate to contact me.

I speak English and Swedish.

My Offer



Embrace more holistic ways of life by attending my events.



Get new perspectives on life by reading my books or journals.



Decorate your living space or selected items with my soulful artwork.

In harmony with nature and spiritual wisdom.


I engage in partnerships that support a holistic lifestyle.

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