A Feminine Path to Healing

Walking the Rose Path is a natural part of our human evolution as we reconnect to the Divine Feminine essence that has been suppressed in humanity for millennia.

Once reclaimed, we restore balance and harmony on all levels of our being, which allows us to experience life as full expressions of our divinity.

Those that hear the call of the Rose are here to delve deep inside the feminine mysteries that are hidden until seen.

It is a path guarded by the many spiritual lineages honoring the Goddess, with rich history, symbolism and connection both to the upper and lower dimensions.

Deep healing is required to enter the depths of the heart and stand strong as a self-realized human being.

If you are called to walk this path, the Rose will guide the way.

A Symbol of the Goddess

The Rose is a symbol with rich and ancient history, often with paradoxical meaning, such as heavenly purity and earthly passion or life and death.

One could say that the Rose reveals and represents the many expressions of the Goddess—the Divine Feminine essence that is present in all of creation.

The Rose comes in many shapes and colors, each with a distinct smell and feel. Interacting with the Rose may bring your pleasure or pain depending on how you approach her.

Her petals can be uplifting, soothing or enticing just as her thorns can cut deep into your skin. It is in this way the Rose mirrors back to you who you are.

As we delve deep inside our hearts, and start opening up to our inner guidance and our bodies, the Rose will start calling on us, to help us remember universal truths and reclaim our Divine Feminine essence.

Are You Walking the Rose Path?

Ask yourself the following questions to find out. And if you answer yes to the majority of these questions check out the support and inspiration section below.

– Do you want better body awareness, emotional intelligence and clearer intuition?

– Are you interested in alchemy, the natural elements and healing through uniting polar opposites?

– Do you long for a deeper connection with nature, animals, people and the planetary consciousness?

– Are you curious about mythology and feminine archetypes?

– Do you feel like a Priestess in the making?

– Are you drawn to ancient civilizations such as Egypt and Greece or Atlantis, Lemuria and Avalon?

– Do you want to birth your inner gifts and follow your soul’s desire?

– Are your ready to engage in more free-flowing and empowered relationships?

Support & Inspiration

Embrace your Feminine Flow

In this journal you will be able to take notes about your life and well-being during the four phases of the moon cycle; the New Moon, the First Quarter, the Full Moon and the Last Quarter. There is also room for reflection and closure after each cycle.

Keep Track of Seasonal Cycles

This printable calendar helps you keep track of the moon phases throughout the year and informs you of the significance of each phase.

Demystify the Mystical

In this journal you will be able to take notes about your inner experiences to help you remember and understand the guidance that is being presented to you. There is also room for reflection and interpretation connected to each experience.

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