A personal account of human evolution and the expansion of consciousness.

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My Spiritual Awakening Story

“Let it all go!” was the message I received from deep within my soul at the end of 2012. I kept repeating these words out loud and knew in an instant that life would never be the same.

This was the beginning of my journey towards reconnecting with who I am beyond physical form and understanding how to balance my own being here on Earth during times of great transition.

As I put my soul behind the steering wheel, altered my mind and started listening more to my body my entire life was transformed.

I could let go of limiting beliefs, fears, relationships and possessions; everything that was preventing me from fully connecting with my true essence. At the time I did not know what was about to unfold, but I had total faith in my soul’s command.

The journey did not end there. My consciousness started to spontaneously leave my physical body to show me other planes of existence. I experienced states of total peace and harmony and opened up to communication with higher soul aspects and realms.

Never before had I accessed such knowledge and wisdom. Life as I knew it vanished as I stepped into a new reality.

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The Author

Caroline Yazi
Holistic Health Coach

As a holistic health coach I utilize a wide variety of holistic knowledge and tools to guide individuals and groups toward balanced lifestyle changes.

After a big spiritual awakening at the end of 2012, I began to reconnect with the wisdom of my soul that was hidden deep within me, and became aware of my timeless gifts and the path I have chosen to walk in this life.

With lived experience and a solid foundation to stand on, I now support others who are ready to awaken their soul wisdom for a more conscious and soul-centered era on Earth.

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