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Holistic Habits

A Holistic Lifestyle Retreat
with Caroline Yazi

An opportunity to embrace more holistic ways of life.

Holistic living isn’t always easy in our modern world, and most of us need some form of support and inspiration to make sustainable and balanced lifestyle changes.

Join me in this holistic lifestyle retreat that will help you cultivate holistic habits that nourish your body, mind and soul on a daily basis.

The retreat program is based on learning by doing and there will also be plenty of opportunities to explore each topic further with personal guidance and resources.

Holistic Habits is not your ordinary retreat. It is an inner and outer journey that promotes holistic health and well-being long after you return.

Retreat Highlights

  • Aligns you with the natural cycles of life and life force energy.
  • Enables a deeper connection with yourself and the natural elements.
  • Promotes natural healing and self-empowerment.

Retreat Details




Training Modules

Daily practices that integrate easily with your daily life.

Welcome the day with taoist yoga

Starting the day with yoga practice opens up the body’s energy flow so that you can face the day with ease and and grace, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Taoist yoga combines traditional Indian yoga practices with Chinese wisdom of the energy body and its meridians. It is said to be simple and beneficial for all people, regardless of their fitness, age or body type. Besides more common yoga practices such as stretching, breathing and movement exercises, Taoist yoga uses shaking, tapping and sound to improve the overall flow of life force energy.

This training module contains:

  • 22 basic taoist yoga poses
  • A full 1 h class with all the taoist yoga poses
  • Additional support and resources

Break the fast with nourishing foods

After a long night of sleep and fasting, the body longs for nutritious foods filled with minerals, vitamins and life force energy so you can face your daily tasks.

By choosing fresh, unprocessed and nutrient dense ingredients for your breakfast or brunch you will improve your metabolism: the way your body creates and sustains energy. Know what foods to indulge in or to avoid, and find alternatives to the foods that you cannot give up on or resist.

This training module contains:

  • Presentation of healthy foods to indulge in
  • Presentation of foods to avoid and suggested replacements
  • Additional support and resources

Focus your energy on mindful action

Being conscious about how your spend your energy throughout the day and putting and end to energy draining activities is what keeps you energized all day.

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This training module contains:

  • Videos showing you 22 basic taoist yoga poses
  • Video of a full 1 h class with all the taoist yoga poses
  • Additional support and resources

Make dinner a sensuous experience

Celebrate each day by consciously chosing, cooking and eating your dinner.

People have gathered around food for eons of time; to relax, socialize and tickle their palette. By allowing dinner to be an experience where all senses come alive, you instantly transform this daily act into something much deeper. Giving thanks to the food, appreciating the ingredients and enjoying them throughout the choosing, preparing and eating process you will connect deeper with life itself.

This training module contains:

  • Simple ways to choose and prepare your food in a sensuous way
  • Simple ways to make eating a celebration of life
  • Additional support and resources 

Prepare for the night with yin yoga

Connecting to your restorative and rebirthing abilities by grounding deep into your body and focusing on your breath and .

In yin yoga all positions are done sitting or lying down. By resting into the positions and focusing on your breath you access connective tissue and ligaments, and connect with your calm and soft yin energy that complements your active and energetic yang energy. Regular yin yoga practice rebalances yin and yang energy and improves health and well-being gently, safely and naturally. All training sessions end with meditation practices that unify body, mind and soul.

This training module contains:

  • 00 basic yin yoga poses
  • 3 different yin yoga classes using selected yin yoga poses
  • Additional support and resources

Your Guide

Caroline Yazi
Holistic Life Coach

As a holistic life coach I utilize a wide variety of holistic knowledge and tools to guide motivated individuals and groups toward a holistic lifestyle.

I am trained in yoga, mindfulness, hypnosis, mediumship and energy healing. To live in harmony with nature and ancient wisdom is important for me, while at the same time I would like to pave the way for new, innovative solutions for health and well-being.

Sign up for this holistic lifestyle training below, and if you have questions or want collaborate with me in other ways don’t hesitate to contact me.

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