Soul Guidance

A Guided Meditation Workshop
with Caroline Yazi

An opportunity to get more clarity on your life path.

In this guided meditation workshop you will delve deep into your soul wisdom that is waiting for you to be revealed.

Your soul speaks a language that goes beyond the intellect; a language that has been forgotten during modern times and needs to be experienced to be remembered.

When you are in touch with the wisdom of your soul, you become strong, grounded and brave, no matter what journey life takes you on.

Without your soul and soul story, you could not be who you are today and just like the petals of a flower, all souls draw nourishment from the same source.

Allow yourself to be guided into a relaxed state of mind where your inner wisdom will give you a deeper and more holistic perspective on your life situation.

If you long to live a more enlightened life and integrate your natural soul gifts into your daily life this is the event for you.

Once you have signed up for and received the access link to this online event you can join at any time and will have lifetime access to the workshop.

Prerequisites and preparations

Come to this event with and open mind and heart. Also make sure that you can be comfortably seated and undisturbed before, during and after the workshop, so that you can focus fully on yourself and your experience. This means, no pets, children, partners, people, incoming calls or other distractions present or nearby.

This particular workshop will require you to lie down in a comfortable position at times. This is best done in your bed, daybed or a recliner chair or sofa. A pillow and a blanket is recommended, and make sure you dim the lights in the room so you will not be distracted. Set the sound at a pleasant level and use headphones for a more integrated experience.

You will also need a notebook and pen for taking notes during the workshop.

Event Details


On Demand


3 hrs

€ 55

Event Highlights

• Get answers to your deepest questions about life
• Find new ways to approach old challenges
• Open up to natural healing

Your Guide

Caroline Yazi
Holistic Life Coach

As a holistic life coach I utilize a wide variety of holistic knowledge and tools to guide motivated individuals and groups toward a holistic lifestyle.

I am trained in yoga, mindfulness, hypnosis, expressive art, storytellling, mediumship and energy healing.

To live in harmony with nature and ancient wisdom is important for me, while at the same time I would like to pave the way for new, innovative solutions for health and well-being.

Sign up for Soul Guidance here, and if you have questions or want collaborate with me in other ways don’t hesitate to contact me.

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