Spiritual Mentoring

I offer Spiritual Mentoring sessions on Skype. Spiritual Mentoring can be described as a partnership in which you get to explore your true essence in a safe and encouraging environment. It is a chance to look more closely at your challenges, opportunities and what you want in life. Spiritual Mentoring is about becoming more self-aware and empowered through your connection with spirit.

As a mentor, I know that you are the only expert in your life situation and see you as creative, competent and full of unleashed potential. My mentoring is based on a holistic viewpoint, where balance between the body, mind and soul is of the essence.

Spiritual Mentoring—how does it work?

You agenda will steer the process and with the help of powerful questions, a strong presence and active listening I will help you towards increased clarity. I utilize a wide variety of holistic knowledge and tools throughout our collaboration. Besides being connected to my higher soul aspects and using the divine gifts that I brought with me into this lifetime I have professional experience as a Development Communication Specialist and Holistic Life Coach. Your wellbeing and progress is my only goal and I will let you know if I believe that my mentoring is not in your best interest.

Spiritual Mentoring—what to expect

Spiritual Mentoring with me will bring you the awareness you need to transform your life on all levels. By understanding and connecting with your true essence you will make better choices, improve your relationship with others and approach life from a different vantage point. You will know what is right for you and your life situation at all times.

A Spiritual Mentoring session with me usually lasts for 45 minutes. All mentoring sessions will take place on Skype if nothing else has been agreed. You need a fast and stable Internet connection and up-to-date software to avoid unnecessary connection problems during our sessions.

Spiritual Mentoring—schedule your appointment

Use the online booking form below to schedule your appointment. Please read the terms and conditions prior to booking a session with me.

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If you have any questions regarding Spiritual Mentoring, send me a message to receive more information.