Higher Self Guidance

Your Higher Self is the non-physical you, that houses knowledge about your current, past and parallel lifetimes, not only in this realm, but in all the planes of existence. Your Higher Self also connects you to all the other Higher Selves. Together they form one large body of consciousness that contains incredible wisdom.

Reconnecting with your Higher Self is a natural step in your human evolution and happens when you have reached a point in your life when your soul starts pushing you to question yourself, your current reality and you feel a need to understand life from a multidimensional perspective.

Higher Self Guidance—How Does It Work?

A Higher Self Guidance session will enable direct communication with your Higher Self so that you can get answers to your most important questions about your life. Your Higher Self will speak through you as I call it forth and ask the questions that you have defined in the pre-interview. I merely act as a facilitator to help you bring through your own inner wisdom during your session.

Higher Self Guidance is divided into two parts: 1.) A pre-interview 2.) Deep relaxation that allows for Q & A with your Higher Self. The session is carried out through Skype and will be recorded for you so that you can listen to the replay. Each session lasts about 3 hours, including the pre-interview.

You need a fast and stable Internet connection and up-to-date software to avoid unnecessary connection problems during the session. You also need headphones with a microphone since you will be communicating with me thorughout the session. I need to be able to see you and hear you at all times and you need to lie down in a comfortable position during the deep relaxation and Q & A.

Higher Self guidance—What To Expect?

I recommend you not to have any specific expectations before or during your Higher Self Guidance session. This is because your expectations create your reality. Being open to receiving anything and everything that your Higher Self has in store for you opens up for miracles and magic.

You are ultimately in charge of your own evolution and your own well-being. Everything in your life, including your Higher Self Guidance session is already divinely orchestrated from another plane of existence. Everyone who comes to me with a desire to have a Higher Self Guidance session has been intuitively guided to me.

Most people who have had an Higher Self Guidance session with me have experienced greater clarity in their life path, a better understanding of their soul’s desire and a heightened sense of awareness.

Each experience is different depending on what your Higher Self has planned for you. During your session, you may feel the energy as it connects with you and continues to integrate with you for a longer period of time. Some people have inner visions and experiences that transcend the physical senses.

Higher Self Guidance—Schedule Your Appointment

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