In this particular Higher Self Guidance session my client reunites with her soul family, the Watchers, after living an earthly life as a Native American woman. She is eager to plan her next incarnation so that she can help more people achieve self-realization during the end times of Earth’s current evolutionary cycle. This is why she is here: to help Earth and humanity step into the next level.

Anchoring higher dimensional energies to Earth

My client is being shown two very earthly lives – one as a rugged woodsman and another life as a Native American woman – both living in harmony with nature. The Higher Self explains that she was shown those lives to realize that she is very grounded and does not have to worry about not being able to ground the strong energies coming through her.

Grounding to Earth comes natural to her. She has done this many times before. Her presence helps anchor higher dimensional energies into this reality, and as these energies radiate throughout this realm they affect everyone in it. When people interact with these energies they can awaken to their true essence and then help others do the same. It is a chain reaction and we are waking up in waves.

Reuniting with the Watchers

As I guide my client to the death moment of her life as the Native American woman, she leaves her earthly body in peace, as an old woman, surrounded by her family. A portal of blue light opens up and she is being greeted by three blue, skinny beings with huge heads. They are wearing blue robes and speak to her telepathically. They call themselves the Watchers. They are her soul family and belong to the Blue Ray – a soul group comprising of hundred of thousands of beings. Our universe has an infinite amount of Rays and we all stem from these rays.

Returning to Earth as soon as possible

As soon as my client greets her soul family she is excited to plan her next incarnation. It is her own choice to go back so soon and she is in a hurry because our current “Earth Game” is coming full circle in a near future. Many souls want to come to Earth and experience it during these end times where they will be able to experience seal-realization inside the game. The end times are always the most exciting times in each evolutionary cycle according to the Higher Self.

Planning her current life

My client plans her current life with excitement together with the three Blue Watcher beings. She will be the one going down to Earth in a human body while they will watch her from their plane of existence. Together they look at something called the “map of life” that looks like a maze. They decide where to place dark areas (obstacles) and light areas (help) inside the map. They plan the Earth Game together, looking forward to entering the game.

My client gets emotional, as she understands that we are running out of time. As many people as possible needs to awaken to their true essence to be able to go to the next step level in our evolution. The game is coming to an end. She is entering the game to help them wake up.

A Golden Bird being in ancient Egypt

The Higher Self also explains that the dreams that my client has been having are memories from previous lifetimes. In one of these lifetimes she was a huge Golden Bird being, also known as a Blue Bird being. Her task in that life was to energetically adjust the golden capstone on the pyramids during ancient Egyptian times. She was an expert in her competence field.

The pyramids in ancient Egypt were built by a group of many different, powerful beings that collaborated with one another. This collaboration was an agreement made on soul level before entering the earthly plane. The group of beings that participated in this particular experience called themselves the Federation of Light.

From a higher level, this group made sure that everything was carried out according to their plan once they incarnated as different God-like beings on Earth. They were very focused on their mission and would punish those who tried to have their own agenda. The plan had to be followed. There was no room for individual expression or will.

The different God-like beings in ancient Egypt co-existed with humanity in the beginning because humanity was very evolved and embodied a very high frequency. This would change with time and during later times humans could not visually see the beings present.

The main function of the pyramids

The Higher Self explained that the pyramids had many functions but their main purpose was to function as transmitters and a receivers. Information regarding what was happening on Earth would be sent out to other realms and energies from outside Earth would enter the Earth grid through the pyramids.

Stopping a Mantis being from entering Earth

My client had a dream in which she saw a huge Mantis being trying to enter Earth. As a Watcher, her role is to make sure that everything is carried out according to plan and the Mantis beings were not a part of the plan. They are not allowed to enter this realm. This particular Mantis being did not listen and wanted to create chaos on Earth. It had its own agenda.

Because the Mantis being overstepped its boundaries, the Watcher aspect of my client ordered another part of herself, a winged Annunaki, to dispel the Mantis being from Earth. According to the Higher Self the Mantis beings refuse to see their own trauma and continue to create havoc across creation. They are at another level of their evolution. My client became aware of this inside her dream because she exists at many levels at once, and in this dream she became aware of her Watcher aspect doing its work on that level.

Many levels of consciousness trying to find balance

This particular client has always been a Watcher but is also connected to the Annunakis because she wanted to make things right and heal duality trauma created in another plane. Annunaki’s were once divided into two different factions and the time has come for them to unite again. They experienced polarized aspects of themselves to know their essence better.

The same division can be observed between the Elohim and Seraphim consciousness, another aspect that my client is very aware of. It is the dance between Yin and Yang that needs to be restored on all levels of consciousness. We are going from separation to union on all levels and we are all part of the bigger plan in doing this.

Evolutionary cycles that were not completed

The Higher Self tells us that we have endured many attempts to finish the Earth Game so we could take the next step in our evolution, but that we ran out of time. Atlantis is being mentioned as the last cycle in which we did not finish the Earth Game and had to start over from a very low point in our evolution. We reverted back to very dark ages and had to work our way back into the light.

We have evolved since Atlantis and will evolve even further this time around. Many souls from Atlantean times are here to participate in the new cycle. Many souls are also here to help humanity complete this cycle; my client is one of these souls. We will be able to complete the game and step up through the planes this time around. We will be able to go from a solid body to a light body in the future. Many of the children being born today came to go through this shift and are looking forward to being here.

Many people on Earth with the same soul

My client is being told that there are other people here on Earth that are of the same soul as her. Her soul is incarnated as an endless amount of beings in different star systems and universes. That is how big the soul is.

She is surprised to learn that her colleague is one of these people and even though they have very different personalities as humans, they share the same soul. I find this really interesting to hear since I myself have experienced my own father and I as the same energy. When I united with him inside my light body, we were exactly the same. Still, here on Earth we are separate people, with different personalities, wants and needs.

Beyond the illusion, we are one.

About the Higher Self

Your Higher Self is the non-physical you, that houses knowledge about your current, past and parallel lifetimes, not only in this realm, but in all the planes of existence. Your Higher Self also connects you to all the other Higher Selves. Together they form one large body of consciousness that contains incredible wisdom.

Reconnecting with your Higher Self is a natural step in your human evolution and happens when you have reached a point in your life when your soul starts pushing you to question yourself, your current reality and you feel a need to understand life from a multidimensional perspective.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis session (QHHT) or a Higher Self Guidance session will enable direct communication with your Higher Self so that you can get answers to your most important questions about your life. Your Higher Self will speak through you as I call it forth and ask the questions that you have defined in the pre-interview. I merely act as a facilitator to help you bring through your own inner wisdom during your session.

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