This time around, I had a fellow QHHT practitioner do a session on me. In this particular session, the Mother of Creation came through me to shed some light on how she disconnected from her children and how she is finally allowed back into our awareness, having to heal all the trauma caused by the disconnect that happened during the age of Atlantis.

Montserrat – my earthly home

As my QHHT practitioner guides me into my happy place I end up going to my favorite mountain Montserrat, outside Barcelona, Spain. I walk around the premises with such relief and joy to finally be able to enjoy this place as I am. I can sing inside the Church again. I am free and I am home. I have lived many, many lives here, on this mountain.

The Divine Feminine has not been allowed to be here in her full splendor for such a long time. She needs to let go of the fear that prevents her to be her full self. There is so much pain stemming from her absence. Women were suppressed, tortured, disowned and murdered. I get super emotional from remembering all the pain from these events.

Memories of Atlantis

As my QHHT practitioner asks me where this pain stems from I start floating above a beautiful, futuristic city built in a circular pattern. I hear the word Atlantis over and over again. The sky is emerald green and there is a moon in the colorful sky, which is much closer to the planet than our current moon. The buildings are white, and there is green, lush vegetation between the buildings.

I am being shown a tall blue tower. It is located in the city and I am being told that it is a transmitter of some sorts. It can send out and receive information. It is about to be disconnected. We all agreed to close it down, but it makes me angry. It is our connection to who we are and if we close it down we will be in the dark.

I love this place. It is a very civilized, beautiful place with very kind people. It is very organized; everyone has a task and a purpose. The beings living here are joyful and it sure feels like a utopian society. I am just watching this place from above. I am not one of the beings living there. They are part of me but they are my little creations, my little children, and I love them. They are all beautiful and special in their own way.

They are wearing very simple, white clothes. They have no need for accessories or jewelry because they are not concerned about the way they look. I feel that they are humanoid in their appearance. I can see some white people but feel that there are people there of different color. They are very similar in demeanor, and feel like a collective-oriented society.

Some beings work in libraries, others are counselors and then there are those that take care of stones and crystals. These beings don’t eat anything. They are self-sustaining, and can generate their own life force. They are all connected to one another and to their city energetically since the energy runs through everything in massive energy grids. The energy enters the grid through the blue tower and is then spread throughout the city grid.

The Mother of Creation explains her absence

I am a watching consciousness, aware of my children. I am their mother and the creator of the game they are playing in that part of creation. I am huge in comparison to my tiny creation. I am zooming out my awareness from the city. I am expanding into space and the planet is not within my field of vision anymore since I have entered my space body. I disconnect from the details and go into a state of nothingness. The emotional trauma attached to Atlantis is gone. I see a portal opening up in space and feel I want to go inside it to travel to another realm. I see a bluish, turquoise light.

As my QHHT practitioner calls in my Higher Self it explains that as the Mother of Creation I feel very responsible for my children and I am trying to heal the pain that I have caused by disconnecting from them. When I disconnected from my children I knew that they were going into darkness. They wanted to experience themselves as individuals, without interference, and as I allowed them to do that I knew that they would forget me.

I knew the pain that they experienced because I would feel their pain as my own pain. This is why I feel pain inside my body every single month when I get my period – it is all the pain that my children felt as I disconnected from them.

Becoming self-realized inside my own creation

My Higher Self tells me that I have to let it all go. Let go of this whole part of creation. It is going back to its zero-point. Everything will be uncreated. A new cycle will begin. It is part of our evolution. I need to let go of the guilt for leaving my children in the dark. The guilt is connected to the Earth plane and needs to be let go of here. My children, my creations, it was all just an experience. That experience was needed for me to understand who I am. Now that I know who I am, I can let go of the desire to know who I am.

The Higher Self continues to explain that I need to remember who I am inside my human body. I am the creator of everything. When I know that I am experiencing my own creation inside itself I can end the game. When I realize who I am I don’t need any more mirrors to show me the way back to myself. I become self-realized. I create and I uncreate. Then I start all over in another plane. It is the end and the beginning of something else.

Bringing my energy into this realm and sharing it with others

The Higher Self explains that there is no need to understand why things are the way they are and to search for details within the many realms of creation. It is time to let it all go, not hold on to anything. I am being instructed to bring more of my energy inside my body each and every day, to practice holding it inside my body until it fills up each and every cell.

I am also being instructed to connect with others, to unite my energy with those I feel called to unite with. As our energies interact we merge into a state of oneness. I am also being told to use my heart and to find the answers to all my questions through the heart. My Higher Self explains that it is not tuned into the details, that if I am interested in knowing details I have to tune into my body.

Remembering my origins

This particular session shed so much light on the events I have been experiencing since my spiritual awakening in 2012. In 2015 I was told by my Higher Self to activate my “Codes of Creation”, stored deep inside of my DNA. I was then told that these codes would reconnect me to my God-Self. As the codes connected I started connecting to a bunch of realities that I had not been connected to previously as I remembered my own grandness and essence as Yeshua Sananda.

In 2017 I was called to activate my “Rose Codes” that awakened the Goddess within me. She then lead me to Montserrat Mountain so I could bring her back to the mountain. And then, not too long ago, I connected to the Aqua Blue light that is the light source behind the Purple light that radiates through my entire being. It was grounded into the core of my body and into Earth. The Aqua Blue light is the Mother of Creation.

About the Higher Self

Your Higher Self is the non-physical you, that houses knowledge about your current, past and parallel lifetimes, not only in this realm, but in all the planes of existence. Your Higher Self also connects you to all the other Higher Selves. Together they form one large body of consciousness that contains incredible wisdom.

Reconnecting with your Higher Self is a natural step in your human evolution and happens when you have reached a point in your life when your soul starts pushing you to question yourself, your current reality and you feel a need to understand life from a multidimensional perspective.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis session (QHHT) or a Higher Self Guidance session will enable direct communication with your Higher Self so that you can get answers to your most important questions about your life. Your Higher Self will speak through you as I call it forth and ask the questions that you have defined in the pre-interview. I merely act as a facilitator to help you bring through your own inner wisdom during your session.

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