Beyond the constructs of time, space and matter, we are one big family connected to one another through the different planes and universes inside the multiverse. We have Higher Self aspects and family members in many realities. A recent QHHT client of mine received information from her Higher Self regarding her multidimensional origins that may help you understand your own origins a little better.

Star origins and Earth mission

My client’s Higher Self explained that it resides inside the 9-12th dimensional star system Orion, while her husband’s Higher Self is in Andromeda. United they form the perfect energetic match and have spent many lifetimes with and without one another to prepare for this very important lifetime.

In this lifetime they will combine their energies in a very, uplifting and supportive way, and unite as soul family working to spread the light and support the shift into New Earth.

According to my client’s Higher Self, she has only lived five lives on Earth, not all as a human, and had many lives on Rigel, which is a very dense school planet. She always goes to different planets to change the systems.

Many higher dimensional souls are currently here on Earth as humans to assist with the planetary shift at this time in our evolution.

The new generations – those we call the new children – are all here to do this work. They came to liberate Earth from fear and help everyone open up the heart connection. Some helper souls are here to experience and enjoy New Earth while others just stop by temporarily to support with the shift.

Dimensional aspects and soul family

My client is aware of having a 5th dimensional aspect called Cassandra as well as a beautiful hybrid child called Sion inside the 9th dimensional star Aldebaran.

Sion shares her DNA through a hybrid-breeding program and is a mix between two different humanoid species that exist in the future. One of these future humanoid species is known to us as “Greys” and has incredible mental capacity and knowledge.

Together we help one another through the planes and dimensions during this very important dimensional shift. My client is also being told that she will unite with her soul family once she makes the shift and her hybrid child will be with her and the family.

My client’s Higher Self explains that she exists as many aspects inside the multiverse. As a star, she has no physical vehicle, only an individualized energy. Family constellations and realities are much different inside the other planes.

Life as an elf, interacting with humans

The very first life that my client experiences in her QHHT session takes place in a thriving elf-town here on Earth. These elves are very tiny, and live close to humans. Some of the elves interact with and understand humans while others don’t. The same goes for the humans.

The Higher Self explains that there was a time when the dimensions between the elves and humans were open. Interaction was possible.

Unfortunately, humans eventually destroyed the tiny elf-town that my client lived in as an elf. The elves had to relocate and stopped interacting with the humans. The differences between these species were too big and most humans didn’t really know how to communicate with the elves.

Balancing abilities, lifetimes and energies

My client was also shown another life on Earth, this time as a human with a lot of power over people. In that lifetime, she chose power over love.

The client’s Higher Self explained that these two very different lives allowed for her to become balanced. She has to experience being small and big, innocent and dark, powerful and powerless to find the balance. After experiencing opposite extremes, our abilities can be used in a conscious and balanced way.

As each client is being shown previous or parallel lives that hold important clues to their current questions, I can feel the energy of that particular reality as it conveys its message through the client.

There are so many realities inside our multiverse. Some realities carry very earthly energies while others vibrate at a very different frequency and can feel either unpleasant or extremely pleasant to the body.

When my clients connect to Source however, the energy is always peaceful. Since the energy enters our reality during the QHHT sessions I can feel it too. To me it feels like stepping out of time and space and being showered with a constant stream of inner peace.

Even though many of my clients are curious about their star origins and lineages, the Higher Self often explains that the most important thing we can do here on Earth is connect to Source Energy and bring it fully into our bodies and our world. By interacting with our different aspects and family members we can come closer to understanding who we are on a much bigger level. Once we remember our magnitude we can shift our reality. This is why we are here.

Star sisters and brothers

At the end of this QHHT session I asked my client’s Higher Self about how we are connected with one another. We were informed that her Higher Self in Orion is very connected to my Higher Self in Sirius, so I guess we could call one another star sisters. In another reality, we are all star sisters and brothers and here on Earth we are slowly discovering that we are human sisters and brothers as well.

About the Higher Self

Your Higher Self is the non-physical you, that houses knowledge about your current, past and parallel lifetimes, not only in this realm, but in all the planes of existence. Your Higher Self also connects you to all the other Higher Selves. Together they form one large body of consciousness that contains incredible wisdom.

Reconnecting with your Higher Self is a natural step in your human evolution and happens when you have reached a point in your life when your soul starts pushing you to question yourself, your current reality and you feel a need to understand life from a multidimensional perspective.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis session (QHHT) or a Higher Self Guidance session will enable direct communication with your Higher Self so that you can get answers to your most important questions about your life. Your Higher Self will speak through you as I call it forth and ask the questions that you have defined in the pre-interview. I merely act as a facilitator to help you bring through your own inner wisdom during your session.

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